desigNYC’s was a program that ran from 2009-2014 with the mission to deliver the transformative power of design to nonprofits in New York. Their program connected civic-minded designers with extraordinary nonprofits for pro bono design projects. Their focus was local, their approach multidisciplinary and their process participatory, and community-centric.

Re-branding + Extensions

The new visual direction maintained the logomark's previous recognizable elements: its green palette and compound wordmark.

A main concern for the previous logo was readability. As a way to differentiate the elements of the composed name, we set the letters d,e,s,i & g in five slighly different green values, and "NYC" in a single blue. This palette helped with the pronounciation of the wordmark while the overhead and underlying bars, set in the letterform's width and respective color value, stressed this disticntion and served as a structure for color coding of the organization’s system of values for brand applications.



Project Date
January - November 2014

Our city relies on the resiliency of the nonprofits that are on the ground working with New Yorkers, and desigNYC wants to help ensure their ongoing success.”

— RACHEL CRAWFORD, Executive Director