IntraCollaborative is a design team comprised by David Frisco, Chantal Fischzang, Natalie Sims, Richard Hall and Leigh Mignogna.

Our recipe is a convergent methodology: we are all designers and educators sharing a deep-seated interest in design and its relevance to the social sector; we believe in the research-driven, industrious, and participatory methodologies of the academic setting, and aim to demonstrate our conviction in the collaborative design process by working with like-minded organizations and independent clients.

The name IntraCollaborative speaks to our unique working relationship and history of mutual collaboration in many different contexts, both professionally and academically.

We have come together over a strongly shared belief in design as an agent of change. We continually look for ways to extend the principles of our academic pursuits into real environments and communities, working jointly to unravel complex issues and develop design materials aimed at social education and reform.